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Let’s talk about UCAS and the Tariff Points System!

Perhaps you have been hearing your fellow students talking about UCAS and you haven’t got the faintest idea what they are referring to. Let’s dissect the UK's University application process and we will try to make it as simple as possible!

What is UCAS 

UCAS is an online platform which provides admission services for higher education. Whether you are applying for undergraduate, postgraduate or apprenticeship courses, all information can be found on their website.

UCAS Tariff Points: how they work and how to calculate them 

So, let’s say your next step is to apply for a bachelor’s degree in psychology, what would be the next step?

You would be looking at exploring universities which offer your preferred course, as well as checking out their entry requirements. Let’s say you have looked through dozens of courses and you have settled on a couple of universities.

Immediately you are hit with their entry requirements for your chosen course, and it seems more complicated than it really is! In order to apply for their university courses, you must achieve 144 or 130… UCAS Tariff Points.

How to translate A-Levels grades into UCAS Tariff Points

You have been studying A Levels for two years and received your grades in the form of letters, so how do you translate that into points?

Here is a quick guide:

A* is 56 Tariff Points

A is 48 Tariff Points

B is 40 Tariff Points

C is 32 Tariff Points

D is 24 Tariff Points

E is 16 Tariff Points

If you studied 3 A Levels, you may have been awarded AAB in those subjects, your total is 136 UCAS Tariff Points, which is slightly short of one of your chosen universities’ requirements.

Saying that, not all is lost! Other qualifications and courses can boost your score, if the provider also uses the tariff system (or your personal statement may be so outstanding, that being a few points short may be overlooked)!

There are other factors which can be taken into consideration when applying, such as other achievements or work experience.

For more information, be sure to explore UCAS’ website where you can calculate your UCAS tariff points and best of luck with your application!

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