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School Programs

Online Class

Elementary School

During KS1, tuition focuses on numeracy, literacy, confidence and support. We have a number of tutors qualified to work with children at this level.


Online Class

Secondary School

Secondary school begins with KS3, during Years 7 to 9 when children are 11 to 14 years of age.

Key Stage 3 covers the first three years of secondary education.

KEY STAGE 3: YEARS 7-9 | AGES 12-14

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A Level 

During A-Levels students can choose at least three subjects to study in detail and be examined on.

YEARS 12-13 | AGES 17-18

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IELTS Test preparation Course
Online. Focus on speaking, writing, reading or listening, or any combination of these. You decide your schedule and your language focus.

All Years

Online Education

Primary School

National tests in English reading, maths, and grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Teacher assessments in English writing and science.

KEY STAGE 2: YEARS 3-6 | AGES 7-11

Online Education


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a two- to three-year programme at the end of which pupils sit exams in Year 11.

YEARS 10-11 | AGES 15-16

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English Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) programs offer international students the chance to learn English or improve their English language skills.

All Years

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