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Primary school

Basic Info


These years of schooling in maintained schools in England and Wales, when pupils are aged between 5 and 6.


Class sizes are small, a maximum of 10 pupils in any class. This ensures that each pupil receives the vital teacher attention and promotes personalised learning where every child can learn and achieve at their own place.


Every lesson is recorded. This means pupils, and parents, can revisit the lesson at any time, ensuring that no topic or subject is left without being fully understood.

At LEO online school we understand the importance of Key Stage 1 learning in a child’s education. 


Our experienced Key Stage 1 teachers works closely with children to ensure that learning takes place at a pace that is meeting their needs and which still ensures that the pupils are ready to move to KS2 at the age of 7 where their curriculum expands.

As a result, we have devised a bespoke curriculum, based on the UK National Curriculum but which allows for children who are non- English speaking to be emersed in the language.

Each pupil at KS1 follows the following timetable daily


  • English 

This starts as an introduction to learning the English language. This is done through a variety of well  recognised ways, including the use of phonics for pronunciation. 

  • Maths (numeracy) 

Children are taught numeracy, initially in both languages, but the use of English will be encouraged as the children learn more and become more confident in their speaking. The course is based on the UK National Curriculum. 

  • Topic Lesson

This is a lesson whereby the children develop their English and other knowledge through a variety of topics. For example, a topic may be learning about a Country and the children will learn about the geography, people, history, music and art of the country and skills such as reading and ICT will be developed as the topic progresses. 

Tests and assessments

Year 1 phonics screening check

The check will take place in June when your child will read 40 words out loud to a teacher. You’ll find out how your child did, and their teacher will assess whether he or she needs extra help with reading. If your child does not do well enough in the check they’ll have to do it again in Year 2.

Key stage 1 tests cover:

  • English reading

  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling

  • Maths

Contact our Advisor

If you are interested in your child joining us part way through any KS1 course, please get in touch with our advisors directly to discuss the options available, timetable and fees. 

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