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Degree Courses that need A-level History: everything you should know

A-level History is one of the hardest A-level subjects: in 2022, only 12% of students in the UK achieved a top grade (A*) in this subject.

It requires, among other things, a good knowledge and understanding of various historical periods and themes, historical concepts such as cause and consequence, change and continuity, similarity and difference, significance and interpretations, the ability to analyse and evaluate available historical sources, to think independently and make informed judgements on issues.

It's also one of the most useful subjects for a wide range of degree programmes such as Law, Sociology, Journalism, and Education.

Specific content included in the A-Level History syllabus varies from school to school, depending on the exam board. For example, Cambridge International A-level History syllabus covers a number of topics from international history such as The origins of the First World War, US–Soviet relations during the Cold War, 1950–91, Conflict in the Middle East, 1948–91 (Cambridge International A Levels have been designed specifically for international students and are recognised by UCAS, UK universities and other establishments worldwide as equivalent, grade-for-grade to the A Levels taken by students in the UK).

A-level History – another “facilitating” subject

Some degrees don’t have any particular entry requirements when it comes to A-levels. However, history is among A-level subjects that are most often required or preferred by some of the leading UK universities, or the so-called “facilitating” subjects.

It means that picking one or more of these will allow you to choose from a far larger pool of courses later on, or to have the best chances of being accepted for entry onto many undergraduate courses.

Degree courses where A-level History is an essential or a helpful subject

Psychology (History can be combined with subjects like Chemistry, Biology, and Maths)

Law (in this case, History goes well with English Language/Literature, Business, and Sociology)

Art and design (History can be combined with subjects like English Language/Literature, Psychology, and Business)

Media studies

Teaching and education

Film, cinematics, and photography


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