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Free online courses from top UK universities

According to the McKinsey & Company report, there was a record enrollment of students in online education in 2020 against the backdrop of a global pandemic, and this exciting trend only continues to grow. To meet the increased demand in distance learning, many universities (including big names like Harvard and Oxford) have since rolled out new online programs that allow internet users to acquire new knowledge and skills from anywhere in the world.

More than that, today there is plenty of opportunities to take online classes (often hosted on popular e-learning platforms like edX, Coursera, and FutureLearn) from the most prestigious and respected universities completely for free. We have narrowed these down to some of the most popular online courses from the top UK universities.

Length: 6 weeks

What you learn: the key political, social, and economic processes that influence how different countries develop; how global economy work.

Length: 5 weeks

What you learn: understanding of how to use vectors and matrices to solve linear algebra problems, and how to apply these maths skills to machine learning.

Length: 2 weeks

What you learn: what critical thinking skills you will need at a university, how they can be applied to different disciplines and how to develop these skills for a successful academic life.

Length: 8 episodes

What you learn: the most important writings on art and beauty in the Western philosophical tradition; the interpretation of literature, the expression of emotion in music, and the definition of art.

Length: 9 episodes

What you learn: the basic principles of drawing and practical drawing classes.

Length: 2 weeks

What you learn: the key concepts and fundamental principles involved in the process of screenwriting.

Length: 5 weeks

What you learn: how to use English for study at university or college and develop your writing skills, vocabulary and grammar.

Length: 4 weeks

What you learn: develop your language and communication skills for a career in healthcare and learn new healthcare vocabulary in English.

Length: 4 weeks

What you learn: an introductory overview of several different areas of philosophy.

Length: 6 weeks

What you learn: developing text analysis skills; the wide variety of ways country house literature has been composed, consumed and received over the centuries.

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