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4 little-known, unusual but high-paying jobs

When we think of high-paying jobs, we usually picture someone like doctors, lawyers, or CEOs. But there are also unusual, little-known and underrated jobs in the UK that also pay surprisingly well. Let’s see what they are and which classes one needs to take to get into these unusual careers:


What they do and which skills they need to have: Crystallography is a scientific discipline that studies the crystal composition of materials. Crystallographers work in labs, growing and studying crystal forms, gathering and analysing data. And although you probably won’t find a single Hollywood movie featuring a crystallographer, their work is extremely important and can contribute to major advances in the fields of science and medicine. According to Glassdoor, these specialists can earn up to £64,913 per year.

A bachelor's degree in a scientific field such as chemistry, materials science, physics, or biology is required to pursue a career as a crystallographer.

Pet Food Taster

What they do and which skills they need to have: You read that right. Pet food tasters are employed by pet food companies to sample and evaluate their products before they go to market. They ensure that the food is safe, nutritious, and palatable. They also look for ways to make new pet foods better. And it’s definitely wrong to assume that people become pet food testers out of desperation. In reality, pet food testers are usually highly-skilled professionals holding a degree in food science or the culinary arts and working as food scientists or product developers. And yes, they actually taste the food and are fiercely protective of their taste buds, avoiding heavy scents and certain foods that can impair their sense of smell. According to Glassdoor, pet food tasters can earn up to £40,000 per year.


What they do and which skills they need to have: Wind technicians look after and take good care of wind turbines. They often work at great heights and need physical stamina, strength, and troubleshooting skills. There are no specific degree requirements for the job, although a degree in a relevant field such as electrical or mechanical engineering may be beneficial, and windtechs need a lot of training. At the same time, it’s one of the most secure and fast-growing jobs on the market and can pay up to £42,000 per year.

Crime Scene Cleaner

What they do and which skills they need to have: Crime scene cleaners are responsible for cleaning up crime scenes after the police have finished their investigations. They may need to remove blood, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials. And while it may not sound very fancy, according to Total Jobs, crime scene cleaners can earn up to £60,000 per year. To become a Crime Scene Cleaner in the UK, one doesn’t need any specific degree or education - only a particular training course is required. It’s also important to know that it’s an emotionally challenging job.

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