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17 Jobs related to Geography degree

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

In Geography we study a huge range of topics from physical to human geography but it is also a subject where students have to question.

How does that work? Why does that happen? What impact does it have? What can we do? In addition, students are taught mathematical and analytical skills.

The skills that are learnt are in huge demand by lots of employers, but if you are interested in a Geography related career, here's some that are perfect for people with Geography degrees.

10 Jobs directly related to your degree:

  1. Architectural Technologist

  2. Town Planner

  3. Environmental Consultant

  4. Geographical Information System Officer

  5. Cartographer

  6. Business Analyst

  7. Data Analyst

  8. Marketing Executive

  9. Secondary School Teacher

  10. Social Researcher

7 Jobs where Geography degree would be useful:

  1. Landscape Architect

  2. Construction Manager

  3. Market Researcher

  4. Nature Conservation Officer

  5. Political Risk Analyst

  6. Sustainability Consultant

  7. Transport Planner


Interesting facts

Fact: There’s enough gold inside Earth to coat the planet

Turns out, there’s quite a bit of gold on—or, really, in—our planet: 99 percent of the precious metal can be found in the Earth’s core, Discover Magazine reports. How much is there? Enough to coat the entire surface of the Earth in 1.5 feet of gold.

Fact: Sudan has more pyramids than any country in the world

Not only does Sudan have more pyramids than Egypt, but the numbers aren’t even close. While 138 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt, Sudan boasts around 255.

Fact: There are parts of Africa in all four hemispheres

For people whose education was largely focused on the Western world, it may be surprising to find out exactly how huge the continent of Africa is. For instance, it spans all four hemispheres and covers nearly 12 million square miles.

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