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20 Jobs related to Science degree

In Science, we cover a huge range of topics, from Organic Chemistry to the Psychology of Disease. This is a subject where a student can really showcase their mathematical skill, as well as applying their medical knowledge.

Obtaining a science degree is a valued accomplishment by many employers, as it teaches you to be able to write scientifically, to be critical and to conduct empirical research, all whilst being a highly practical subject.

The field of science is a branch of STEM, a group of subjects which cover a vast range of employment opportunities, and opens up incredible opportunities for research at higher levels, including Master’s and Doctoral research programmes. But if employment is your focus, check out these related careers.

10 jobs which are directly related to a degree in Science:

10 jobs where a science degree would be useful:

If you are interested in a Science career and would like to learn more about the courses we offer, sign up for a free consultation here

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