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What exactly are Russell Group Universities?

You may have heard about universities belonging to a collection of institutions called “The Russell Group”, and it is definitely worth paying attention to.

The Russell Group consists of 24 UK-based universities which share a distinct similarity: They are all actively involved in current research, often focusing on global problems. Being accepted into one of these means gaining first hand experience in resolving some of the most important, world-wide issues (and getting to brag about it)!

Though many prospective students are very familiar with names like University of Cambridge or Oxford, there are 22 equal (or better) options remaining.

Depending on which careers you may be considering, it is worth looking into what your university of choice specialises in. The well-known University of Cambridge is a wonderful choice if your areas of interest include astrophysics or chemistry, whereas Imperial College London will open doors in engineering and business. 

Why choose one of Russell Group universities

Think about Russell Group universities as a stellar academic experience. These universities are renowned for their cutting-edge research, placing you at the forefront of discovery. 

Imagine being surrounded by professors constantly pushing boundaries in a dynamic environment responsible for 68% of the UK's "world-leading" research. At Russell Group universities you'll be immersed in groundbreaking research with the chance to get involved in solving real-world problems. Small class sizes and a high student-staff ratio mean you won't be lost in the crowd. Russell Group universities foster a supportive environment where you'll receive personalized attention and guidance from world-renowned academics.

What is the employment rate in the Russell Group?

A significantly higher proportion (80.0%) of Russell Group graduates secured highly skilled jobs 18 months after graduation compared to graduates from other UK universities (67.0%) in 2018/19.

Russell Group graduates are highly sought-after, and you'll benefit from dedicated careers services and a network supporting over 260,000 jobs across the UK.

Choosing one of Russell Group universities isn't just about earning a degree; it's about investing in your future. Here, you'll develop the skills and knowledge to become a highly skilled graduate ready to make a real impact on the world. 

How to get into a Russell Group universities?

Russell Group universities have high entry requirements for most courses. But, the entry requirements will vary depending on the course you're applying to. Getting into competitive Russell Group universities is definitely achievable with hard work and planning:  

  • Some subjects will require you to have taken particular A-levels so you need to plan your A-levels in advance, to ensure that you are taking the subjects necessary for you to be accepted. 

  • Write a compelling application essay that highlights your enthusiasm.

  • Join relevant clubs or activities to gain experience.

  • Try to get some work experience to deepen your understanding of the subject.

Our two-year A-Level online program will prepare you to apply to Russell Group universities providing a wide range of subjects to choose from. At LEO School, our teachers can provide strong references, and we'll guide you through the application process to increase your chances of acceptance to get into the Russell Group universities.

Russell Group universities list

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