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Top foreign languages for the highest-paid jobs in the UK

Learning a new foreign language is always a good idea, even if you do it simply as a hobby - to meet new people over a shared interest, find new friends abroad, explore other cultures and traditions, and enrich your travel experiece.

At the same time, language learning might also increase your chances of getting a better and higher paying job. According to one study, speaking a second language can add between 11% and 35% to one's salary.

Last year, jobs search engine Adzuna analysed over 120,000 UK CVs and found out that the ability to speak some languages allowed people to earn more on average five years after graduation from university.

The top spot belongs to French - according to Adzuna, it's the third most in-demand language in the UK. There were 1,082 job vacancies where an employer in the country was looking for French speakers.

10. Japanese

Average salary: £31,325

9. Hindi

Average salary: £31,565

8. Italian

Average salary: £32,007

7. Portuguese

Average salary: £32,170

6. Arabic

Average salary: £32,283

5. Spanish

Average salary: £32,292

4. Dutch

Average salary: £32,396

3. German

Average salary: £33,396

2. Mandarin

Average salary: £33,692

1. French

Average salary: £34,280

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