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Leading UK Universities for biological sciences and biochemistry

Biological scientists and biochemists are among specialists that are most in demand in the United Kingdom. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are also among the fastest-growing careers, expected to grow by 15 percent over the next ten years.

Biological scientists and biochemists examine and investigate the morphology, structure, the chemical and physical characteristics of living things and biological processes.

In practice, it means that they play important roles in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, food technology, toxicology and vaccine production. Usually they work in independent research and development, conducting research projects, managing laboratory teams, preparing technical reports and presenting their research findings.

We have checked out the latest annual University Guide by the British newspaper Guardian to see which UK universities offer the most satisfaction with the biological sciences and biochemistry degrees as well as the best teaching and feedback, student-to-staff ratio, and career prospects after 15 months.

Here is the top 5:

University of Cambridge - BA (hons) natural sciences (Guardian's rating of excellence - 100)

University of Oxford (Guardian's rating of excellence - 97.3)

Durham University (Guardian's rating of excellence - 90.7)

University of Glasgow (Guardian's rating of excellence - 90.4)

University of St Andrews (Guardian's rating of excellence - 90.2)

Entry requirements

The courses like the ones listed above usually require A*A*A A-levels (or equivalent) in subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. For example, one can have combinations like A Level Chemistry, A Level Mathematics and A Level Physics or A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry and A Level Mathematics.

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