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Great UK radio stations for kids and teens

On June 15 1920 a famous opera singer Dame Nellie Melba sang into a microphone in a nondescript location outside Marconi's New Street Wireless Factory in Chelmsford. It was the first professional, live, entertainment radio broadcast in the UK that marked the beginning of radio and television broadcasting in the country.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of radio stations in the UK, catering to a wide range of tastes and interests, including the ones of the younger audiences. Today we will tell you about some of them that are specifically aimed at children of different ages.

Fun Kids is a national children's and pop digital radio station broadcasting science and history stories, songs, interviews, music and other entertaining and enlightening content for the whole family. Besides the main station, there are other themed Fun Kids stations including Fun Kids Junior (this radio station for pre-schoolers broadcasts songs, bedtime stories and lullabies), Fun Kids Classical, and Fun Kids Sleep Sounds.

Takeover Radio is a community radio station that broadcasts across Leicester and online from the city's historic Abbey Park. It targets children and young people, playing music, talk shows, news, music shows and other programmes, including the ones created by children themselves.

Reprezent is a unique radio station broadcasting across London and online focused on issues young people face in today's world. The radio station's schedule includes a wide selection of music, including from independent and upcoming artists, as well as serious discussions, interviews, and live performances.

BBC School Radio is not technically a radio station (although it hails back to a long and honourable tradition of BBC broadcasts to schools), but it provides great audio learning resources for school kids online, including enlightening stories, music and songs.

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