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British school-based reality shows and documentaries

There's no denying it: British people love reality shows and documentaries. It's not surprising, considering the massive popularity of British shows like Love Island and The Great British Bake Off. It would not be an exaggeration to say that reality television is virtually ubiquitous, and education, which is still a very divisive issue in the UK, couldn't escape the cameras either, obviously. More than that, at some point the head of Ofsted even said that schools should not take part in TV shows like Channel 4's "Educating..." series and the BBC's Tough Young Teachers, warning that they "inevitably focus on the sensational".

We've decided to tell you about the most popular reality shows and documentaries that take place in British schools:

Educating… (Channel 4)

This popular docuseries follows the real-life ups and downs of being a student or a teacher in secondary schools across the UK., from Cardiff and Greater Manchester to the East End.

The Secret Teacher (Channel 4)

Watch how leading entrepreneurs go undercover in schools across the country, seeking to offer students with untapped potential the chance of a lifetime.

School Swap - The Class Divide (ITV)

At the centre of this two-part documentary is an interesting and very English experiment: a comprehensive headteacher and three pupils swap places with their private peers to find out if public schools give you a real advantage, and whether a state education really means second-rate.

The School That Tried to End Racism (Channel 4)

This BAFTA-winning series follows students as they learn about and try to uncover and eliminate hidden racial biases, sometimes with shocking results.

SIXTEEN: Class of 2021 (Channel 4)

The Guardian called this documentary "emotionally pulverising". It follows a bunch of pupils at a Midlands school turning 16 and taking GCSEs in the midst of a pandemic.

Tough Young Teachers (BBC Three)

The documentary series follows the journey of six new young teachers at 3 different London schools as they understand what it means to be responsible for a classroom of young students.

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