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Best UK magazines for teenagers

Reading magazines covering a wide range of topics - from science to history and psychology - is a great way for school students to expand their horizons, get motivated, discover subjects to be passionate about, and take care of their mental well-being. Such a reading journey might even lead one to one of the best universities in the world.

Today we'll tell you about some of the best UK magazines for teenagers with a hunger for knowledge:

National Geographic

A world-renowned, beautifully illustrated monthly magazine that covers topics like geography, history, nature, science, and world culture.

Philosophy Now

Philosophy Now is a bi-monthly magazine that is great for both specialists and curious general readers who want to learn more about contemporary philosophy. The magazine includes book reviews, interviews, letters, news, and cartoons.

A quarterly magazine is written by and for teens under 15 (anyone can become a writer and gets paid for it!), covers news, the movie industry, film-making process, and includes reviews and interviews.

Teen Breathe

This brightly illustrated bi-monthly magazine for ages 8-14 is focused on positivity and bringing out the best in oneself. It covers such topics as mindfulness, well-being, creativity, and health.


Brainspace is a quarterly magazine that combines enlightening articles on different topics (from science, technology and maths to geography and history) with the use of augmented reality and interactive learning. It's aimed at kids and teens aged 8 to 14.

All About History

A monthly magazine exploring history from all around the world with stunning visuals and

in-depth articles.

All About Space

A monthly beautifully-illustrated popular science magazine covering cosmological events, astronomical tips, and astronautical exploration.


Another popular science magazine for young readers (12+) and their families aimed at promoting STEM learning and inspiring teens to follow in the footsteps of real scientists and inventors. It's full of bright, informative graphics and covers a broad range of topics with a special focus on science, technology, engineering, and maths.

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