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Best free online resources to prepare for A-level Maths

Regardless of whether a student chooses to directly pursue this subject or not, A-level Mathematics is universally respected and is held in high regard by the majority of employers and universities.

However, it's also one of the hardest A-Level subjects on the whole (The General Certificate of Secondary Education Advanced Level is obtained after a 2 year course usually starting at the age of 16). A-level Maths is quite a big step from GCSE and IGCSE examinations in terms of problem-solving skills and more advanced mathematical thinking and it requires a lot of independent study and dedication to working through maths challenges.

Here's a number of free online resources that can help and inspire students who decided to embark on this arduous journey:

This website has great free maths A-Level revision resources (helpful explainers, videos, exam tips), covering plenty of topics related to Pure Maths (algebra, calculus, geometry and trigonometry), Further Maths, Mechanics and Statistics.

This fun course called Effective Thinking Through Mathematics demonstrates how to think effectively through puzzles and mathematics, develop problem-solving skills, and apply mathematical thinking to come up with new ideas and solutions.

This Stanford University's course dispels common myths about mathematics, and teaches how to approach math effectively through various strategies such as developing number flexibility, mathematical reasoning, and growth mindset.

Imperial College London has a number of great courses specifically designed to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in their A-level Maths exams. They include A-level Mathematics for Year 12 - Course 1: Algebraic Methods, Graphs and Applied Mathematics Methods, A-level Further Mathematics for Year 12 - Course 1: Complex Numbers, Matrices, Roots of Polynomial Equations and Vectors, and A-level Further Mathematics for Year 13 - Course 1: Differential Equations, Further Integration, Curve Sketching, Complex Numbers, the Vector Product and Further Matrices.

This website was developed by a group that includes Universities of Loughborough, Leeds and Coventry, and the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust. It doesn't look fancy but it has plenty of useful resources including great video tutorials, worksheets, exercises, and revision notes for A-Level Maths.

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