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Best (and fun) science YouTube channels for kids

There's no denying it: YouTube has become a knowledge-sharing powerhouse. There's hardly any subject that isn't covered by the University of YouTube's vast curriculum.

There are plenty of channels posting videos that feature talented science communicators or popularizers who demonstrate that studying science can be both enlightening and fun. They can break down complex ideas and phenomena so that the audience of different ages can understand and appreciate them, be inspired to discover more and dig deeper. But what about explaining the Universe to the youngest of YouTube students and answering the most improbable, surprising questions posed by them?

Today, we'll tell you about some of the greatest science channels for kids that can be found on the platform:

Mystery Science


The channel's mission is to encourage children to love science and become lifelong learners. It's full of engaging mini-explainers for curious kids and adults alike, answering questions that should be on everyone's mind, really: how do you fix a broken heart? what is dust? can trees talk to each other?

Science Max


Science Max is all about learning through entertaining experiments that are taken up a notch or two to make them even more interesting and exciting. Each episode is a deep and never-boring exploration of concepts such as electricity and gravity.

Minute Physics


This channel’s motto is "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” It’s full of short video explainers on physics and other science topics with funny animations to keep the audience entertained.

Paul M. Sutter


Paul M. Sutter is a research professor in astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at Stony Brook University and the Flatiron Institute in New York City. He’s also an incredibly talented storyteller that can enthral the listener (including small kids) with his stories about black holes, unusual stars and the most intriguing wonders of the Universe.

SciShow Kids


SciShow Kids is another entertaining and enlightening science channel aimed at kids (especially early-elementary learners). It has lively and lovely anchors, funny puppets and animations and all kinds of great mini-lessons and activities: from explaining where caves come from to demonstrating how to design a Mars Rover.

Nugget - STEM for Kids


This channel has a great collection of science videos for kids from different sources and channels. They include engaging cartoons explaining science topics and episodes from the YouTube channel Operation Ouch dedicated to breaking down and demystifying medicine and biology for younger viewers.

Jared Owen


How to get more children and young students interested in engineering? Jared Owen's channel is the answer. He uses gorgeous 3D Animation to show how all kinds of things work and look on the inside - from a door handle and window blinds to spacecraft and Big Ben.

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