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10 YouTube channels that will make you fall in love with physics

There’s a running joke about everybody buying English physicist Stephen Hawking’s cosmology bestseller “A Brief History of Time” and not actually reading it. The novelist and author Claire Messud told a funny story about the book that someone had put a five-pound note in a hundred copies of it, about two-thirds of the way through, asking the reader to send a postcard about finding a note after discovering it, and never got any postcards at all.

The thing is, physics can be challenging to love, especially when it’s seen as another subject at school or a mere set of homework problems. But it shouldn't overshadow the real magic that lies behind physical concepts and numbers. What can be more exciting than getting the answers to the questions “Why?” and “How?”?

There are amazing YouTube channels that capture that magic of wonder and discovery and make the most complicated topics a lot more approachable.


5,65 million subscribers

This channel’s motto is "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” It’s full of short video explainers on physics and other science topics with funny animations to keep us entertained.

ScienceClic English

443 thousand subscribers

There’s no guarantee that you’ll fully grasp the sometimes mind-blowingly complex theories presented on this channel, but the visuals and narration themselves are enough to take your breath away.


18,5 million subscribers

This channel has a lot of exciting lessons, covering subjects from mathematics to business in a fun and entertaining way. You’ll always find an intriguing topic to jump into, and physics is no exception.


497 thousand subscribers

Polish YouTuber under the moniker AstroFaza creates full-blown YouTube science documentaries that cover topics like black holes and Big Bang, and other science topics. You can watch the videos with English subtitles.

Paul M. Sutter

47,2 thousand subscribers

Paul M. Sutter is a research professor in astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at Stony Brook University and the Flatiron Institute in New York City. He’s also an incredibly talented storyteller that can enthrall the listener (including small kids) with the explanation of the most obscure and complicated physics topics.


11 million subscribers

Nothing tells that physics is fun more than exciting experiments that allow theory to come to life. This is exactly what this channel is about. Have you ever wondered what a gong sounds like when hit with an 1189mph baseball? The answer is here.

Bozeman Science

1,3 million subscribers

Paul Andersen is a cool, awesome teacher we all wish we had. He has a talent for explaining physics concepts in the most clear and accessible way possible.

MIT OpenCourseWare

4,5 million subscribers

On this channel, you can find educational material from a real curriculum of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious universities in the world - from introductory to the most advanced graduate courses. Some courses even have online textbooks and faculty insights on teaching.

David Butler

170 thousand subscribers

If you want to explore the most distant parts of the universe and understand concepts like Twin Paradox and more look no further than this channel.


56,4 thousand subscribers

Another great channel with short videos that allows you to catch up with the latest developments in astronomy, space and science.

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