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10 best companies to work for in the UK

10 best companies to work for in the UK

Thanks to its strong economy, thriving tech scene, great working conditions and numerous employment opportunities, the UK is considered to be one of the most attractive countries for international workers.

International students not only can earn additional money or get professional experience while studying in the country, they are also able to benefit from the so-called 'post-study work visa' - UK's Graduate visa route which allows its holders, after they have been awarded their degree, to stay here to work or look for work (a job offer isn't needed), at any skill level for two years (or three years for doctoral students).

Another good news is that, whether you're a student, a graduate or just planning to work in the UK, there's an annual ranking that might help you to find a really good workplace.

A famous job site Glassdoor compiled the list of the best companies in the UK to work for based on different criteria such as work-life balance, a good team and culture, great pay and perks, strong leadership and good career growth.

Here are 10 best companies to work for in the UK from the ranking:

1. Bain & Company

What it does: a management consulting firm

2. ServiceNow

What it does: a software company that develops a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows

3. Boston Consulting Group

What it does: a global consulting firm

4. Equinix

What it does: specializes in Internet connection and data centers

5. Ocado Technology

What it does: a global software and robotics platform business building solutions for online grocery

6. Mastercard

What it does: the second-largest payment-processing corporation worldwide

7. Google

What it does: a multinational technology company

8. Arup

What it does: a multinational professional services firm that provides design, engineering, architecture, planning, and advisory services

9. Salesforce

What it does: a software company that provides customer relationship management software and applications

10. Version 1

What it does: a company specializing in international management consulting, software asset management, software development, cloud computing, and outsourcing

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