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Support Children

All children have the right to an education, even in a conflict zone 

Thank you for your help in supporting our children!

In September 2022, we opened our doors for Ukrainian students many of whom had lost their homes and all of whom had lost the opportunity to study in their home country in Ukraine.


The majority found themselves displaced in unfamiliar new countries, with unfamiliar languages.


LEO School has given these children the opportunity to study in English, their second language (the majority are fluent) and has given them hope for the future.


We have children as young as 6 who are just beginning their education and students as old as 18 who are studying for A levels with the hope of attending a UK university in just over 12 months from now.


Our students are resilient, hard-working and enthusiastic. Supporting us at LEO School literally gives hope to these students in an otherwise very bleak situation.


Each of your donation helps us create new places for Ukrainian children to learn at our online school!


Warm Regards,

Charlotte Waywell


Ways to make a donation

Bank transfer, PayPal etc.

Make a bank transfer 

To make a one-off or regular donation direct from your bank account, please use the details below.



Beneficiary: LEODUCATE AID


Account number: 79240402


Sort code: 04-00-75


Beneficiary address: Kemp House, 128 City Road, EC1V 2NX, London, United Kingdom


Bank: Revolut Ltd


Bank address: 7 Westferry Circus, E14 4HD, London, United Kingdom



Beneficiary: LEO SCHOOL LTD

IBAN: GB13 REVO 0099 6975 5088 94


Intermediary BIC: CHASGB2L

Beneficiary address: Kemp House, 128 City Road, EC1V 2NX, London, United Kingdom

Bank: Revolut Ltd

Bank address: 7 Westferry Circus, E14 4HD, London, United Kingdom

Donate via PayPal

If you prefer to donate via PayPal please do so via our PayPal Giving page. This is the charity arm of PayPal that cover any administration fees. 

Help us to support Ukrainian children who lost an opportunity to study at their local schools in Ukraine due to the war! 

LEO School is an international school that offers applicants the opportunity to study abroad following the British curriculum and to prepare thoroughly for studying at the world's top universities and colleges, providing comprehensive support during the application process.


We provide online tutoring for:


  • Primary School

  • Secondary School

  • IGCSE and A-Level 


The main tasks of the educational project are:

  • Tutoring - all subjects of the British school curriculum with native speaking teachers.

  • To help integrate Ukrainian children into the British education system.

  • To prepare children of all ages for admission to universities in Great Britain or Europe.

  • Tutoring and online help to cover gaps in education due to the war.

The school will provide the easiest education system possible - with the availability of the Internet. We want to give any Ukrainian child the opportunity to study for free from anywhere in the world.

Funds and informational support:


Funds and information support are needed to implement the project in order to provide free education to children from Ukraine.


Funds are needed to cover teachers' fees.

Each of your donations helps us to create new places for Ukrainian children to study in our online school!


The Ukrainian people will never forget the generosity and support of the international community during this difficult time.

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