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Learning Agreement and Enrolment Form 2023/24

This form needs to be completed and signed by one of the child's representative


Please answer all the questions on your application

Student details

Parents/Guardians details


IGCSE and A-LEVEL programs

*To be completed only for IGCSE program


IGCSE's core subjects: Maths, Sience (double), English, English Literature.


Please choose below which 3 additional IGCSE's subjects would you like to study (if you are unsure, you can change them later)

IGCSE's subjects
A-Level's Subjects

*To be completed only for A-LEVEL program

Please choose below which 3 or 4 core subjects would you like to study.

School Fees and Enrolment Conditions 

Registration fee

This is paid once only at the time of first enrolment £300

We require a one-off non-refundable Registration Fee of £300 per child to secure your child’s place with us. This amount covers the cost of the admissions process. 


Academic Discounts

Students with high grades from previous schools and with awards in areas such as Maths, Science and Technology can get a discount (Scholarship) on tuition at our school from 25% to 50%.


Sibling Discount

We offer a 10% Sibling Discount when you enrol two or more children from your family. The discount will be taken off the fees for your second child (and the third, or fourth, etc.). Sibling discount does not apply if there are Academic discount received by the same student.

Also during the school year, students who have achieved excellent grades at LEO School can receive discounts in the following academic year. 

Should you wish to cancel

If you find that the course is not suitable for your child, and you let us know within 30 days of enrolment that you wish for a refund, we will return what you have paid, except the registration fee.

After 30 days, where you have not requested a refund within that period, all instalment fees will continue to be payable on the agreed dates.



Term fees (there are three terms per academic year):  


Primary School


KEY STAGE 1: YEARS 1-2 | AGES 5-7                        £1,650

KEY STAGE 2: YEARS 3-4 | AGES 7-9                        £1,750

                         YEARS 5-6 | AGES 9-11                      £1,850


Secondary School


KEY STAGE 3: YEARS 7-9 | AGES 11-14                   £1,950


IGCSE:             YEARS 10-11 | AGES 14-16              £2,500 

(5 core subjects, any additional subject + £580)


High School


A-LEVEL          YEARS 12-13 | AGES 16-18               £2,500 

(3 subjects, any additional subject +£750)


Term payments

Autumn term - 15th July 

Spring term - 15th December

Summer term - 15th March

*These dates do not correspond to the academic term dates that vary year to year


English language

If English is not a student's first language, the student will take a mandatory English level test. If the student's English level is not sufficient for the courses, an English language course will be offered. An English course and some school subjects may also be offered.



These are to be paid in accordance with the information given on the fees invoice.


Due dates

Fees are to be paid on or before due dates given above.


Suspension for non-payment

If payment is not made on the due date, the School will require the student to be suspended from classes until payment is made.



It should be strictly in accordance with the student's curriculum.


Examination Fees (IGCSE & A-LEVEL)

These fees are once-off and are paid to the examination centres through whom you choose to write your exams.

Requirements for improving the quality of learning 

The school has certain requirements which contribute to the quality of the education. We ask parents and children to pay attention to the following aspects: 


  • Pupils should be ready to join the classon time. 

  • Pupils should have the equipment ready to do their lesson, such as a pencil, pen, ruler, workbook and more specialist equipment such as a compass for maths. 

  • Pupils should complete all homework set in the time agreed with the teacher. 

  • Pupils should not share computers in the same lesson. Where there may be two pupils in a household in one class, they should be on separate devices, ideally in different rooms. 

  • Pupils should always speak English in the class.

  • Parents may be present in class, however, they should not interrupt the class by speaking to the pupils during the lesson. 

  • If the pupil has siblings not at the school or not in the class, they should not be present for the lesson as it can cause disruption.

  • Pupils should have their cameras  on in lessons at all times. If there is a personal / technical reason why a pupil cannot have the camera on for a class, the parent needs to advise the school in advance. 

  • Pupils should not have other devices on  (such as mobile phones) during lessons as it can be a distraction to learning. 


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