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Don't use these English idioms to sound like a native speaker

Not all English idioms are equal when it comes to wanting to sound like an English native speaker (from Britain to be precise), and Google search doesn't help either and can be misleading. Some idioms (even when they're on the list of common phrases) are simply outdated and might sound weird to a native ear. In one of its latest videos, an English teaching channel Smashing English! tells about several expressions that are perfectly fine in themselves, but might raise some eyebrows in the company of younger British native speakers. Here they are:

You crack me up!

What to say instead: you make me laugh, you're really funny, you're hilarious

It rocks! / It rules!

What to say instead: it's amazing, it's cool, it's great

Hit the sack / Hit the hay

What to say instead: I'm going to call it a night

Spend a penny

What to say instead: nip to the loo, pop to the loo, go to the toilet

Pip pip / Cheerio!

What to say instead: see you, ta ta, ta ra, see you later

It's raining cats and dogs

What to say instead: it's chucking it down

To kick the bucket / To be pushing up daisies / To be six feet under

What to say instead: to die, to be dead, to pass away

How do you do?

What to say instead: how are you?

See full video here.

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