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5 best British universities to study medicine

The global pandemic underlined the importance and vital role of the medical profession. Healthier people and societies mean more prosperity and equality on the whole.

Medicine also remains one of the most popular subjects in the UK. Students from all over the world are attracted by the high quality of education, the great choice of available courses, and the diversity of job opportunities and career paths one can take afterwards. They include surgery, dentistry, psychotherapy, biomedicine, pharmacy, and medical biotechnology.

Today, we'll revisit the latest annual University Guide by the British newspaper Guardian to see which UK universities offer the most satisfaction with the medicine course as well as the best teaching and feedback, student-to-staff ratio, and career prospects after 15 months.

University of Cambridge (Guardian's rating of excellence - 100)

University of Aberdeen (Guardian's rating of excellence - 97.2)

University of Edinburgh (Guardian's rating of excellence - 97)

Imperial College London (Guardian's rating of excellence - 96.6)

University of St Andrews (Guardian's rating of excellence - 94.2)

Guardian’s top ten also includes University of Oxford, Swansea University, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Keele University, and University of Glasgow.

Entry requirements

It's a good idea to have high A-levels (or equivalent) in subjects like chemistry and biology. Some universities will consider applicants with chemistry as a first subject and maths or physics as a second subject.

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